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I m gettin real bad skin rashes wrinkles blackheads,pimples,pot holes,rednesss,dead skin dry skin help?

im only 19 used to have such baby skinI m gettin real bad skin rashes wrinkles blackheads,pimples,pot holes,rednesss,dead skin dry skin help?
This treatment completely and permanently rid my skin of all blackheads, pimples, scars, flaking dry skin, even moles and greatly diminished wrinklesand gave me a totally blemish free, healthy skin.

It麓s simple, safe, quick acting and uses natural modest cost products and has helped many. Go to my Best Answers to see. Use an organic or natural oil - olive oils,coconut, vitamin E oils work really well - and massage with a quite strong, vigorous motion(that is the key to it working) once a day - better at night as it makes face flushed. You will find you can do it for longer( up to 1/2 hour)and make it more vigorous as you progress. Skin is always shedding and renewing, the healing oil absorbs into skin and the massaging friction hastens a fresh, clearer skin to emerge. Initially, the skin has to adjust and if soreness, breakouts or other reactions happen - skin might expel poisons that need to be expelled - then stop and resume when you can. You have to find the pace that works for you - it's different for every person. In about a week (some have had results in only days) you will see a great improvement. Keep up an oiling and massaging routine after that and skin will eventually heal and become completely clear. It also rids skin of many other problems - oilyness, large pores, discolorations, redness. You will not need to use any other product or treatment ever again and you will not need to moisturise. Only unhealthy skins need constant moisturizing. Some skin clinics may tell you to only massage gently but this treatment has only been beneficial to the many who have tried it. See my many best answers that tell you specifically what causes many skin disorders. I can be emailed.

SOURCE(S): 20+ years research into causes of skin disorders and natural healing treatments and cures for skin, scalp and hair disorders using only safe natural products and anti aging and rejuvenation treatmentsI m gettin real bad skin rashes wrinkles blackheads,pimples,pot holes,rednesss,dead skin dry skin help?

I actually found a facial oil that dissolves black heads within 4-8 weeks I put all the info on my blog as it's quite detailed:

I also put a full article of how to extract blackheads and steam your skin.

Black heads are basically a hardened oil mixture that was secreted from your pores and oxidized (which makes the outside part black) and since water and oil don't mix, no water based product can ';clean'; your blackheads away, just try say putting certain foundations or makeups on the mirror and if you wipe it with water it smudges all over but put a little baby oil and wipe and tada! it comes off super clean AND dissolves it. So this is basically how this oil works. It's composition is such that the skin accepts it as a healing oil and it does not clog your skin but rather protects it while the plant extracts inside go down into the pores (this absorption is made possible by applying the toner to the skin before applying the oil and then applying the dabs of oil over your moistened face), it then penetrates into the pores.

I put where to the name of the oil and prices in stores versus on eBay as well as how to apply it on my blog:

Take care and good luck!

You can clean your skin with apple cider vinegar as a simple home remedy with great results. More such solutions at Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.

Does anyone have a quick fix for blackheads!?

..besides exfoliating and steaming your face!

is there any other way? because those dont seem to work!Does anyone have a quick fix for blackheads!?
exfoliating and steaming your face is just a pre-step for MASK...apply some deep cleansing mask to pull the blackheads out ..then use cold water to close your pores. hope this help..Does anyone have a quick fix for blackheads!?
Use lemon. Take a lemon, cut a slice, and apply to blackheads. Most importantly, make sure the blackheads are getting lots of the lemon juice. Wash face with warm water more often. Also, you can take the pore with the blackhead and squeeze the dirty stuff out. That works, just squeeze it hard.
use clean and clear.

it works for me

and you actually feel it working

no bull

I have blackheads on my nose how do I get rid of them???

Wash you face with a wash cloth - rubbing a little to exfoliate the nose area. Hold a hot but not burning washcloth on your nose to open the pores. Now, looking in a magnifying mirror place you right thumb under your right nostril and push up squeezing the pores along the right side - repeat on the left and on the front. This should empty the pores. You can also try the Boril (think that is how it is spelled) pore strips that are made just of this purpose - they are the best brand.I have blackheads on my nose how do I get rid of them???
I use scrub (St.Ives') and a clay mask. Looks horrid - works great! The scrub cleans things in general and the clay mask cleans, drys and shrinks pores. Best wishes!!I have blackheads on my nose how do I get rid of them???
Blackheads are also known as open comedones. (Closed comedones are called whiteheads). Blackheads occur when the sebaceous gland ducts in the skin get plugged up with cellular debris and sebum (oil). The trick is to gently remove these plugs (which means no hard squeezing.) This can be done by a dermatologist using a small instrument called a comedone extractor. This treatment usually requires multiple visits and is done over a period of time. An alternative at home is to use a medication known as a “keratinolytic”. These topical medications chemically remove the superficial layers of the skin and soften the dark plugs so that they are gradually ';dissolved';. One of the most commonly used products is retinoic acid gel or cream. These come in different strengths and are available by prescription. They can have some side effects such as increased redness and peeling of the skin, so they must be used carefully according to directions. They do not work overnight so you must be committed and patient. It may take four to six weeks before you see significant improvement. However they are generally very safe and can then be used as maintenance to prevent recurrence of the lesions. I suggest you see your pediatrician and discuss the treatment program best for you.
use tretinoin cream or retin A micro if exfoliator doesn't work for you
neutrogena blackhead eliminating daily scrub,,it really works and prevents new ones ..try it
I have an acne treatment that has won me the best answer six times. Each time, the person said it worked great. I'll copy and paste it below.

Use a hot compress on it, and then use cool water to close the pores. Do the process over and over again, about five or six times. Use soap to wash the area, and then treat it with an alcohol soaked cotton ball. It should be gone within five to six hours.

How can i get rid of blackhead scars on my face?

I popped the blackheads yesterday because i am so dumb and today i woke up and it turned worst and they look like pimples and gigantic and i want to get rid of them especially on my nose please help me because my face was clear before and i don't want it like these. I tried ice cube on it but it looks kinda the same. Is there any ideas for home because i dont want to by anything please help me! there all over my face! anyone have tips or ideas :( thanksHow can i get rid of blackhead scars on my face?
You could try home microdermabrasion, it peels of a layer of your skin and rejuvinates it
  • maybelline makeup
  • I Have Blackheads all over my forehead! grrrr?

    my forehead has little tiny blackheads on it. i get so annyoyed with them. i do all the right things like wash my face everday and they wont go away. Yesterday when i woke up they turned into tiny little pink pimples. what can i do.I Have Blackheads all over my forehead! grrrr?
    Besides washing your face twice a day with a good acne soap, make sure you keep your hair ( bangs ) out of your face. The oil from your hair may be causing them. Also wash or change your pillow case at least every other day.

    Make sure your diet is healthy and your drinking lots of water and avoiding caffeine. And you may also want to try an acne product such as clear pores or acne exposed. More info on products and acne at the site below.I Have Blackheads all over my forehead! grrrr?
    Just keep washing every morning and every night... it gets irritating, I know, but it takes time to get your skin to clear it out. Try using a 1.0% salicylic gel over the affected area before you go to bed at night--that can help dry out and close up your pores to minimize the pimples. If that doesn't work, you could try a benzoyl peroxide cream (usually no stronger than 5%), but you also need to make sure that you are using a good quality oil-free moisturizer on your face at least once a day because if your skin is over-dried it will make extra oil that will then make your blackheads worse. That is what happened to me when I used benzoyl peroxide--so I'd recommend the salicylic acid and see what happens. Give it at least a couple weeks of regular use, though, to get the full effects before deciding to try something stronger.
    Cleanse your face with unboiled milk, gently rub a coarse cloth dipped in milk to remove the blackheads. Steam your face with herbs like lavender, lemon peel and mint leaves added to the water and let the skin soak up its goodness. Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.
    You're going through puberty, so it's normal. If it gets bad, because acne can leave permanent scarring and hurt and stuff, you can see a doctor to get prescribed a medication.
    You can get Proactive or Murad or you can go to a dermatologist for help.
    wat are blackheads???
    use neem soap which helpful in treating problem that you have

    Best easiest way to get ride of blackheads? ?

    Any special tricks you guys use for blackheads? I have some on the bridge of my nose and right on the sides like by the nostrils. Help please?! Best easiest way to get ride of blackheads? ?
    Retin A cream is suitable.Best easiest way to get ride of blackheads? ?
    Put oatmeal on it wait for it to dry, your face will feel tight, then scrub the hell out of it.

    Is there a mask that takes away blackheads?? If so what is it??

    FYI.. DON'T use the apricot scrub. I am a makeup artist, and I know that apricot scrub is extremely rough on skin, and is a cheap way to slough off dead skin. If your looking for a blackhead cure, your never going to get permanent results because once your pores get enlarged (i'm not talking about when your in the hot shower and the humidity causes it) they never change in size. You can reduce the look of them by using certain creams that you can find at makeup counters, but a quick fix would probably be a Biore strip. But I've used them and it seems like they are cleaning, but they are jsut taking away the surface dirt. The real dirt is still inside. Try to get a good cleanser and toner, look around and sample them at different make-up counters. A cleanser is what cleans the skin at night, dirt or makeup, and a toner is used after the skin is cleansed, and takes off remaining dirt , and helps skin regain its normal pH so skin doesn't get too oily or dry. Then if that doesn't work, try a gentle scrub. Clinique is a good start if you want good stuff on a decent budget. They have packages with them all in one.Is there a mask that takes away blackheads?? If so what is it??
    get a professional european facial.....awesome!Is there a mask that takes away blackheads?? If so what is it??
    just use the nose or forehead strips. . .they work great
    Origins has a great charcoal mask ';Clear Improvement'; that is made to get rid of black heads, it's great -$20.00
    clean and clear
    Try Biore warming anti-blackhead cleanser. It warms up when you put it on your face, so your pores open and get real clean. It comes in a green squeeze bottle.

    I swear by it!
    I don't think so. But apricot scrub will do the trick
    Queen Helna clay mask is for cleaning out pores and leaving it smooth, fresh, and clear. But try St. Ives products designed for blackheads :)
    Use an exfoliant, they work the best. St Ives Apricot scrub works wonders, but do not use an exfoliant if you have a lot of whiteheads, b/c they will pop and become irritated.
    Hi, I actually read this really good article about natural tips fos blackhead removal, you'll find more useful information there I'm sure, I did鈥?/a>
    Biore Strips are harsh and can damage your skin. Plus they don't get all of the gunk out of your entire pore. A blackhead is deep inside your pore.

    Do not pick at it or try to scrub or force it out. You need a chemical exfoliant. It will get inside the pore and loosen the binding agents from within, clearing it out safely and effectively.

    The only thing I have found to work is Paula's Choice 2% BHA.鈥?/a>

    All other Salicycic products have the wrong PH and have alcohol or menthol which will irritate your skin and inflame the pore, causing more breakouts. I have tried all the strips, masks, scrubs and products and this is the most effective of them all. You can get samples of her products, get 3-4 packets and see which formula you like best (gel, liquid etc)

    That or a retinoic acid like retin a micro or differin.